Dinah Surh – Food Network Chopped Champion


Watch Dinah compete in Food Network’s Ultimate Chopped Champions Tournament on September 2nd 2014 at 10 PM

Food Network will be launching an Utlimate Chopped Champions Tournament with amateurs, professionals, celebrities and heroes. Dinah Surh will be in the amateur round. Hope you can tune in.

Chopped Episode: “Ultimate Champions: Amateur Champs”
Season 21, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Part 2 of 5. Amateur winners return to compete for the “Ultimate Champions” title in a battle that begins with salsa and cheese blintzes as appetizer ingredients. Later, two chefs vie to use a certain piece of equipment in the entrée round; and grapefruit shows up in the dessert basket.
Original Air Date: Sep 2, 2014

Dinah Surh
Food Network Chopped


Chopped “Ambitious Amateurs” Recap (2/4/14)

Tuesday’s episode of “Chopped” featured the following talented home cooks: Jackie Khanich, Entertainment Atty, from CA; Jaime Montalvo, Jr aka Soraya Sobreidad, Loan Specialist & Cooking Show Host; Tommy Werther, Stay at Home Dad & Retired NYC Police Detective; and Dinah Surh, Senior Exec. Administrator competing for the title of Chopped Champion and $10,000.

These “ambitious amateurs” were asked to create 3 meals, Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert, using the mystery basket ingredients and any additional pantry and fridge items.

The Appetizer Round required the home cooks to use Chicken Tenderloins, Paprika Peppers, Fennel, and Ginger Preserves.

Dinah made Asian Fried Chicken with Fennel and Ginger Sauce
Jackie made Ginger Middle Eastern Chicken Salad with Paprika Vinaigrette
Tommy made Chicken and Fennel Paprika Dumpling with Ginger Dipping Sauce
Soraya made Relleno de Papa with Chicken

Chopped: Soraya. The judges could not taste the fennel and peppers in her dish. She also failed to use the ginger preserves.

For the Entrée Round, the home cooks were tasked with preparing a dish using Tiki Masala Sauce, Asian Long Beans, Hanger Steak, and Serrano Ham Croquettes.

Dinah prepared Grilled Tika Masala Hanger Steak with Linguine Carbonara
Tommy prepared Hanger Steak with Tika Masala Cheese Potatoes
Jackie prepared Tiki Masala Malfatti with Croquette and Bean Sauce

Chopped: Jackie. The judges loved the risk she took, but her pasta was undercooked and she forgot to include the hanger steak in her dish.

The Dessert Round featured the following mystery basket ingredients: Guava Shells In Syrup, Cottage Cheese, Couscous, and Candied Chickpeas.

Dinah made Guava Cottage Cheese Sabayon with Candy-Infused Berries
Tommy made Guava Cottage Cheese Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce

Chopped: Tommy. The judges felt his execution was poor in the first round and his ice cream was overchurned in the Dessert Round.

Chopped Champion: Dinah Surh. She wins the $10,000 prize.

Dinah Surh Food Network
Chopped Champion


HHC Insider

Tune In to See an HHC Employee Compete on Food Network’s Chopped

Dinah Surh, a Senior Executive Administrator at Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment
Center, will appear on the Food Network’s hit show Chopped on Tuesday, February 4.

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